Establish A Plan For Early Prevention

Fortunately we don’t have to wait until our child is suffering from a toothache to determine that there may be a cavity brewing. In fact, by the time the tooth is actually causing him pain the tooth decay is probably advanced. The sooner a cavity is spotted the better the chance that it can be Continue Reading

Curb The Habit Before Any Harm Can Be Done

All babies suck their thumbs at one point or another, some even before they are born – expectant parents have seen it on the ultrasound! It’s a typical phenomenon that is completely harmless – up to a certain age. Sucking his thumb can’t harm your child’s baby teeth but when his permanent teeth start to Continue Reading

Early Assessment Is Beneficial To Treatment

That gap between your child’s two front teeth – or any two of his teeth for that matter – is known professionally as a diastema.  It is a common phenomenon among children whose teeth are continuing to develop and usually corrects itself with time.  However, if a diastema is still present after the permanent teeth Continue Reading

More Ways To Fight Against Tooth Decay

We as parents do everything possible to protect our children’s dental health. We take them to see their pediatric dentist for regular six month checkups, we try to see to it that they are exposed to healthy fruits and vegetables, we limit sweet and starchy snacks and avoid colas and sports drinks at all costs. Continue Reading

Let Nature Take Its Course

Children will have cavities. Their teeth are just not as resilient as adult teeth and so are more prone to the invasion of the bacteria that causes decay. If the cavity is found early enough and it hasn’t developed below the surface of the tooth it will be easier to treat but if the decay Continue Reading