Parents Can Take Part In The Plan

The term “dental home” when applied to pediatric dentistry, describes the relationship between patient, dental professionals and family members in a combined effort to establish a plan for good oral health care during the childhood years and beyond. A pediatric dentist has worked to attain the skills particular to the care of the various stages Continue Reading

Stay On Track With The Latest Data

Education and information is essential in our efforts to provide our children with the proper dental care. It is important that we stay updated on the new technological innovations in the field of pediatric dentistry and that we are aware of the results of ongoing research. The American Dental Association for instance, has changed its Continue Reading

Tooth Enamel Is A Deterrent To Poor Oral Health

Tooth enamel is the toughest material in the human body. It needs all that strength to protect the more vulnerable parts of the tooth that lie below the surface. Tooth enamel is essential to our oral health but sometimes a quirk of nature produces weakened enamel. In other cases teeth may erupt without any enamel Continue Reading

Times Have Changed

It used to be that family members lived in the same community, the same neighborhood and often in the same home. The family business typically employed several generations of the same clan. A pediatric dental practice typically treated more than one age of a particular family over a number of years. The continuity left no Continue Reading

Parents Need To Know

Pediatric dental studies have shown that children continue to experience a high level of tooth decay in both their primary and their permanent teeth. One statistic for instance, states that over forty percent of children between the ages of two through eleven have had one or more cavities in their baby teeth. One of the Continue Reading