Times Have Changed

It used to be that family members lived in the same community, the same neighborhood and often in the same home. The family business typically employed several generations of the same clan. A pediatric dental practice typically treated more than one age of a particular family over a number of years. The continuity left no Continue Reading

Parents Need To Know

Pediatric dental studies have shown that children continue to experience a high level of tooth decay in both their primary and their permanent teeth. One statistic for instance, states that over forty percent of children between the ages of two through eleven have had one or more cavities in their baby teeth. One of the Continue Reading

From Toddlers To Teens

Finding the right pediatric dentist is high on the “to do” list for parents who are moving to a new area or whose children are beginning the teething stage. When you consider that their pediatric dentist will be taking care of your children’s teeth from the time they start to erupt through to adulthood you Continue Reading

There May Be More That You Can Do

Kids and cavities, they seem to go hand in hand. In fact, at least one survey result has stated that over 40% of children between the ages of 2 and 11 have already been affected by tooth decay. The ADA has identified tooth decay as the most common chronic disease among the childhood population of Continue Reading

Establish A Plan For Early Prevention

Fortunately we don’t have to wait until our child is suffering from a toothache to determine that there may be a cavity brewing. In fact, by the time the tooth is actually causing him pain the tooth decay is probably advanced. The sooner a cavity is spotted the better the chance that it can be Continue Reading