One Stage At A Time

As parents we make every effort to see to it that our kids make it through the growing years without a serious injury. At the same time we realize that accidents do happen and that children are naturally cavity prone. From the time that first tooth erupts on through childhood and throughout adolescence our children Continue Reading

It’s That Time Of Year Again

It’s seems like school starts up earlier every year. It’s a busy time for parents with having to shop for supplies, new clothes, and to stock up on healthy foods for snack time and lunches. And if your child intends to participate in school sports there’s the mandatory physical that you will need to arrange Continue Reading

Getting An Early Start

Your children may have inherited some physical likenesses from you as their parents or even some personality traits but because they are children their needs are different. A pediatric dentist has sought the additional years of education and experience to make him a specialist in his chosen field. The expertise that he has gained has Continue Reading

Improvements Inspire More Choices

The teenage years are an exciting time of life, full of first experiences and new challenges but adolescence can be a stressful time as well. Most teens would just like to blend in with their peers and avoid doing anything that might cause criticism or embarrassment. Coincidentally, this is the age group that is most Continue Reading

Brushing Can Be Fun

Summer is finally underway and families are adjusting to the change. Children are busy with sports events, plans to attend summer camp or just hanging out at the pool with their friends. Life is a lot more laid back at this time of year and schedules tend to be more flexible. There are some areas Continue Reading